Weaver's Spirits Story

It was a legendary 2,800 mile road trip across America that sparked the beginnings of Weaver’s Spirits. During that sizzling summer in 2004, while driving from California to Virginia, a father and son started to get a little thirsty and decided to share their first whiskey together. They pulled off at a dusty little watering hole in Tombstone, Arizona for a libation. Now, this was not just any old dusty Arizona watering hole, but the same one frequented by none other than Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday just down the street from the OK Corral. Caught up in a cowboy moment, Ray and Matt ordered a classic shot of straight whiskey in a dirty glass...yes really!  After quenching their thirst with the delicious ration, they drove off into the sunset reflecting on the defining moment they had just shared.  Eight years, and many rations and later, this experience fueled the passion that both Ray and Matt now share for creating Colorado’s highest quality spirits. Superior spirits so well developed, so life changing, they will redefine your drinking experience – Spirits that are indeed refined to define.


The result is a ration of perfection that Ray and Matt pride themselves on. Spirits meant to be shared and enjoyed whenever life calls for a defining experience.

Make this moment a masterpiece and ration some Weaver’s – Details Matter.