Weaver's Spirits will have a variety of offerings for the world. The libations below are what Ray and Matt anticipate sharing with you over the next few years. Weaver's Spirits like the Rocky Mountains are one of a kind. Each expression of Weaver's celebrates a different Colorado 14'er, indentified by the die-cut image of each mountain on all our labels.

Details Matter and the perfect ration takes time. You can rest assured Ray and Matt are working hard to get the best spirits they can into your hands. Please check out the Weaver's Spirits' blog, Facebook page, and Twitter to stay up to date on their progress.

American Light Whiskey – Mount Massive Expression

The Mount Massive Expression is our American Light Whiskey that is born from a corn mash and aged in matured American Oak barrels. Light Whiskey is distilled to a higher proof level than other types of whiskies giving it a more delicate character. Ray and Matt’s American Light Whiskey is blended with fresh Rocky Mountain water and has a smooth buttery pallet with notes of caramel and toffee. This is a great whiskey to enjoy neat or mixed in a cocktail.

Mount Massive is the second highest peak in the Rocky Mountains. The peak rises to a height of 14,421 ft. (4,396 m) and is located in the Sawatch Range in the Rockies. Its name describes it best. Mount Massive has five summits above 14,000 feet along a three mile ridge giving it more surface area above 14,000 feet than any other mountain in continental United States.

Bourbon – Pikes Peak Expression

Pikes Peak is the 30th highest peak in Colorado rising to a height of 14,110 ft. (4,301 m) and is part of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It is best known for inspiring the song “America the Beautiful” originally written as a poem in 1893. The peak’s purple mountain majesty is still inspiring today and is considered the most visited peak in America.

Rye Whiskey – Longs Peak Expression

Longs Peak is located in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, rising to a height of 14,255 ft. (4,345 m), the peak is the 15th highest peak in Colorado. The peak is Colorado’s northernmost Fourteener (14’er) and is the highest peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Single Malt – Mount Evans Expression

Mount Evans is one of the characteristic Front Range peaks in the Rocky Mountains. Rising to a height of 14,264 ft. (4,348 m), the peak is also the 14th highest in Colorado. Mount Evans boasts having the highest paved road in North America.

Blended Whiskey – Mount of the Holy Cross Expression

Mount of the Holy Cross is the 51st highest peak in Colorado rising to a height of 14,005 ft. (4,265 m) in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. It was named for the distinctive cross-shaped snowfield on the northeast face. The mountain has been the subject of painters, photographers, and even a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow entitled “The Cross of the Snow” in 1879.

Vodka – Maroon Bells Expression

The Maroon Bells are a twin set of mountains in the Elk Mountain Range of the Rocky Mountains with the tallest peak reaching a height of 14,156 ft. (4,315 m). Maroon Peak is the 24th highest peak in Colorado and is reputed to be the most photographed place in Colorado particularly in late September when the Aspen trees change color and reflect off Placid Maroon Lake just in front of the two peaks.